overview 29 MAY - 3 SEPTEMBER 2017

"Working and living in a multicultural environment"

Hanne Zmierczak (Belgium)
Work Placement at United Nations Capital Development Fund., Bangkok (Thailand)
"Working and living in a multicultural  environment"

 “From an intercultural standpoint, my time in Thailand was great. At the United Nations I had colleagues from all over the globe to have discussions and share stories with. One of the most memorable things for me during my time in Bangkok was that my Thai colleague took me and the other interns of the team for lunch almost every day.”


“The ASEM internship confirmed that I enjoy working and living in a multi-culturalenvironment; something I already experienced while working in the US.”“In the end of my internship, I was asked to conduct macroeconomic research on a few countries in the ASEAN and SAARC regions, something I thoroughly enjoyed doing and for which the objectives were clear.”